Gift Shop Ninjas

What is it?

Santa’s Secret Shop-Holiday Gift Shop is a wonderful service program that has been a tradition for school-age children for over 50 years. Fun Services provides everything for your parent volunteers to set up a successful and smooth running “gift store” in your school. With assistance from parent volunteers, children are able to select gifts for their families in a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment. In addition to the thrills and excitement of choosing a loved one’s gift in “secret” – all by themselves – your students will embark on a unique learning experience involving the following skills; counting and saving money, budgeting, communication, and decision-making skills.

How It Works

We will provide your school with a gift selection of about 100 new and different gift items, ranging in price from $1 – $10. Most are in the $2 – $6 range and appeal to all members of a child’s family, including pets! The gifts are high quality so that students are proud to give and the family is excited to receive them. All of the gifts are on consignment, so you don’t have to pay until your program is complete – and that is only for the gifts not returned to us.

We also provide all of the promotional materials, instructions, and supplies that you will need to run the best program – ALL FREE!
You will never pay for delivery, reorders, pick up or anything besides the merchandise that you use.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Fun Services created the concept of “in-school” shopping and named it Santa’s Secret Shop in the late ’60s. Today there may be companies who offer similar programs, but as the saying goes, “A copy isn’t as good as the original.”

We are the pioneers and still leading the way! Count on us – “The Original” – for the best value, most popular gifts, latest technology, and freshest approach to customer service.