We know you have a few questions about how this works so we are providing answers to the questions most frequently asked. Just click on the heading or + below to open the topics.

It is an exciting “Online” Santa’s Secret Shop/Holiday Gift Shop program, which allows your students the opportunity to shop for gifts for their family remotely in the comfort and safety of their home.

Families will be sent the link as well as their school ID # to access the Fun Services Virtual Gift Shop site. They will see our familiar Sir Fun Bear and will be able to see the gifts and shop by category. They can zoom in on the images they want to see better and get more info on the item regarding colors and styles available. They can make a virtual shopping list that will help them keep track of who they need to shop for. Once they are done filling their “Fun” cart a parent or guardian can check it over (or do their own shopping) and make the credit card payment.

The gifts (&; gift bags) will be packed for each student individually and arranged by teacher (for quick reference) and delivered to the school for easy distribution to the school families in the school or even a drive-thru scenario.

In January, Fun Services will issue the sponsoring organization a check for the amount of profit earned from the sale.

When hosting a traditional program in person at your school is not possible due to any of the following:

  • School learning is being done remotely (or maybe at the time of your shop)
  • Social distancing guidelines cannot be met while running the program in your school
  • Volunteer parents are not allowed in school due to COVID 19
  • School doesn’t have enough space to host the traditional Holiday Gift Shop
  • School is low on volunteers
  • School doesn’t want program held during regular school hours

Fun Services will send you an electronic file with some “Steps for Success” ideas and a flyer to email to your school families. The coordinators main job is to make sure that everyone knows about the program by sending information electronically to school families prior to and during the actual Virtual Shop.

The coordinator will be given a school ID to share with their school families so they can log on to our gift shopping site. The chairperson will receive a personal password to access their school’s shopping site to confirm & verify sales and profits.

The coordinator will also need to get permission from the principal for the delivery of gifts to the school; as well as make arrangements for the distribution of the orders via a Gift Shop pick up or drive-thru for the school families. This delivery will be scheduled after the online shopping is completed and all student orders have been packed by Fun Services.

There is no cost to the school or parent group to sponsor the program. The only cost is the price of the gift, plus any applicable sales tax, to the online purchaser. There are no other costs or fees.

Most organizations choose to provide this program as a service to their school families by selecting a 5% – 10% profit; though profit may go up to 20%. Fun Services will issue a check to the sponsoring organization for the profited amount, in January 2021.

Our first shops will begin running on November 1, 2020. We are suggesting that schools run the Virtual Shop in November. The earlier the better. With our Virtual Shopping Program, you won’t have to work around other school programming or special events.

  • Some shopping dates will fill up quickly, so try to firm up your dates now.
  • The first orders in are the first shops delivered.
  • Avoid any COVID 19 related issues (building closures) that may come up during or after Thanksgiving break.

As soon as possible. Planning ahead will help us to make sure everything moves forward as smoothly as possible for all of us. Some shopping dates will fill up quickly, so try to firm up your dates now.

If your building is completely shut down, shopping will continue virtually and your students’ gifts will be delivered to someone’s home or possibly an alternate location.

Metro Detroit was one of the very first areas of the country to experience the Original “Santa’s Secret Shop” over 50 years ago. The same family has been adding bells & whistles to the “ORIGINAL” through the decades in order to continue making the Santa’s Secret Shop & Holiday Gift Shop experience the best ever.

  • High-Quality Gifts for Families
  • Fun & Educational for Students
  • We Make It Easy for Volunteers
  • We Care About The Community

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